Paint.NET 3.10

There is no doubt that one of my favorite applications for Windows is Paint.NET! It’s free, fast, and packed with features. Paint.NET 3.10 makes the application even better by adding a few more great photo effects (screenshots below).

One of the things that I love the most about Paint.Net is the amazingly dedicated community that backs it up. People are writing new tutorials on a daily basis over in their forum, and doing so gives you the possibility of being read by thousands of people. Check it out if you haven’t already, and I’m sure you’ll be astonished with what you can do with this free application.

Okay, now we’ll get on to the new features! There are two new photo effects included in Paint.NET 3.10, and I’ve taken the liberty of demonstrating what each ones does. The image that I used is of the Bill Gates/Steve Jobs interview, and the original (for comparison sake) can be seen in the screenshot at the beginning of this article.

  • Soften Portrait effect – This effect really makes photos look like they were done by a professional:
    Paint.NET Soften Portrait
  • DirectDraw Surface (DDS) file format support
  • Performance improvements for some of the effects
  • Ink Sketch effect – This one is pretty darn awesome…if I didn’t know better I would have thought the photo was really sketched by someone:
    Paint.NET Ink Sketch Effect
  • “Paint.NET Search”, available from the Help menu (shortcut key is Ctrl+E), allows you to search for Paint.NET help, forum posts, tutorials, plugins, and other related material: (Note: This feature is only available in English.)
  • Maximum brush size now set to 500
  • Many bugs were also fixed…several of which would cause Paint.NET to crash.

We’ve done a few tutorials ourselves regarding Paint.NET, and you might find them useful: how to use plugins in Paint.NET (by Richard in the CyberNet forum), Paint.NET basics, and creating a web 2.0 logo in Paint.NET!

Source: Paint.NET Blog