Pandora has done a great job of making a name for themselves as the ‘go-to’ music recommendation and Internet radio service on the web. Most people who use the service regularly have nothing but praise for it, but have often requested some type of desktop application to compliment it. Now Pandora is about to satisfy those users who had requested the feature by announcing that a beta version of Pandora Desktop has launched.

This new Pandora Desktop (beta) was built to use the Adobe AIR platform. One of the unfavorable aspects of it is that the advertisements they use stick out like a sore thumb. Of course we can’t blame Pandora for using advertisements because we too rely on them to pay the bills, but those who have used Pandora Desktop already have commented that the advertisements as they are currently set-up do take away the beauty of having a desktop version. Pandora addresses this issue on their blog saying,

It’s important to understand that at Pandora we have big licensing and streaming bills to pay and from the beginning we’ve been working hard to figure out that piece of the puzzle. That means that advertising is an integral part of the Pandora experience and in an effort to keep the advertising as unobtrusive as possible we’ve focused on graphical ads rather than audio ads. The one downside to that is that we need lots of pixels to run the ads, so one thing you’ll find with the desktop app is it’s not some tiny little widget. As nice as that would be, it would make it basically impossible for us to cover our costs with advertising. So, at least for now, the main window of Pandora Desktop (which you can minimize) looks pretty much exactly like the home page.

Here’s what Pandora Desktop offers users:

  • The option to easily see what’s playing with one click
  • Conveniently pause, play and change stations
  • Quick start to begin listening to Pandora

It’s worth noting that Pandora Desktop works for both Mac and Windows users which is nice. I installed it and it looks pretty much just like their website, and allows you to type in the name of an artist, song or composer and then it tries to find music you’d like based upon that.

pandora desktop.png

It’s a great start for Pandora and while there’s some work that can be done to make it better, there are lots of people happy that a desktop version of Pandora has arrived.

Download Here

Source: TechCrunch Thanks for the tip Omar!