Pandora chrome extension

Remember a few months ago when we wrote about that awesome unofficial Pandora extension for Chrome? A lot of people took a liking to it, but Pandora apparently didn’t. The developer, Robert Alten, cares about his users enough that not long after the extension was pulled he started a thread asking what he can do. From the sounds of it he has removed “Pandora” from the name and has also changed the logo to get around any trademarks, and he has submitted an updated version to the Chrome Web Store.

It’s your lucky day though. As a commenter on our previous article pointed out you don’t have to wait for it to be approved to grab the updated version. The developer has posted it to a Google Code site so that you can enjoy the Pandora extension right now. And, just in case, I’ve uploaded a mirror of version 1.3.2 here.

Now you can go back to listening to your tunes using what I consider to be one of the cleanest gateways to your Pandora music.

Get the Pandora Extension for Chrome (1.3.2 Download Mirror)