ParamountHD DVD fans are cheering while Blu-Ray fans are booing. The reason? Paramount and DreamWorks have decided that for the next 18-months, they’ll exclusively be releasing movies on the HD DVD format. Paramount has released at least 30 movies so far on both formats which makes sense, but they say that this change and exclusive commitment with HD DVD which includes Paramount pictures, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, and more, was the result of “extensive evaluation of current market offerings.”

What this means is that the hugely successful movies like Transformers and Shrek 3 which are due for release in the coming months will only be available on HD DVD. Blu-Ray fans aren’t the only ones upset about this, Michael Bay is furious. He’s the director of Transformers, and on his site he says “I want people to see my movies in the best formats possible.  For them to deny people who have Blu-Ray Sucks! They were progressive by having two formats. No Transformers 2 for me.”

Now we know that there really isn’t a clear winner, at least not yet.  While Blu Ray has been out-selling HD DVD, the latter ends up being more affordable for the consumers. Not only that, HD DVD’s are cheaper to manufacture. While plain old DVD’s work for me, I know there are many of you who are just ready for this battle to end, so you know who the “winner” is. And then you can go about buying movies in one format…  enough of the competition already!

So now I’m wondering whether Michael Bay’s threat to ditch Transformers 2 will be enough to sway Paramount back to offering both formats, or if they’ll end up sticking to their guns and potentially lose out on the millions that Transformers 2 could bring in. What are your thoughts on this?

Source (Thanks for the tips Max, Mohan, and Phillip)