I’m sure at some point or another you’ve wanted to password protect a photo that you were sending to someone else. Maybe it was a confidential image that you didn’t want to end up in the wrong hands, or a personal photo that you wanted to keep secret.

A handy tool called LockImage is here to save the day. It’s a free (and open source) program that will let you create an executable file containing a single image. You can then password protect that file so that so that the contents are kept confidential.

LockImage consists of a single file that is just 32KB after it’s uncompressed… and no installation is needed. It took me a minute to understand just how you create the executable file, but it’s actually rather simple:

  1. Download the LockImage binary (currently labeled LockImage-0.1-bin.zip). Extract the contents of the download, and then run the executable contained inside.
  2. Go to File -> Open, and browse for the image you want to password protect. The image will open up in the viewer.
  3. Go to File -> Save As, choose a file name, and type in the password you want to use to protect the image.

After completing those steps a new executable file will be created. Upon launching the executable you’ll be prompted for the password before being able to see the image:

 Lock Image

This is a really new project, and I could see it becoming a great tool for sharing photos with family and friends. One thing that I hope the developer will work on is a way to include multiple images in a single file so that you can send if off as a gallery.

Note: Many email services and file sharing sites don’t allow executable files to be shared.

Thanks to Aziz for the tip!