Multipurpose site

I’ve seen some websites before that try to rollup multiple utilities under a single domain, but the tools they provide are normally the things like a tip calculator that you don’t need to use very often. The 1DL.US site is different because they have a wide variety of very useful tools that all become just a click away. Plus most of the functionality is available to you without registering for a free account.

Here is a list of utilities they have available without signing up for an account:

  • Your IP address is shown in the upper-left corner of the screen
  • YouTube: Generate a link to a specific time in a video
  • PC Info: Information about your browser and OS
  • Remote Support: A utility that you and someone else can use to provide remote technical support.
  • News: Basic interface for RSS feeds, weather, and the top viewed YouTube video of the day
  • Chat: Create an IRC channel
  • Pastebin: Share a link to a block of text (optionally password protected)
  • Password Utilities: Test a password’s strength or generate a password
  • URL Shortener: Generate a short URL
  • Image Hosting: Upload and share a small number of images
  • Disposable Email: Get a fresh email address every 24-hours

As you can see there are some really useful utilities crammed in this site, and I highly recommend saving it to your bookmarks.

1DL.US Homepage