Firefox 2 Paul Thurrott wrote a quick little article about Firefox 2 today where he says that this release “is a dud.” It may not have as many new features as I would have liked to see but it is far from a dud in my mind.

He begins his article explaining that he is actually a Firefox user so he isn’t trying to say that it is an inferior browser. He is instead trying to express his disappointment in what should have been a better release:

I don’t like it. The new Firefox “visual refresh” replaces the previously clean Firefox UI with muddy and vague-looking icons, so one of the first things I did was download a theme that returned the old Firefox 1.5 look and feel. The built-in phishing protection is truly third-rate. There are two anti-phishing options: Mozilla’s weak blacklist-based protection (yes, seriously) or and Google’s anti-phishing technology, the latter of which is both poorly rated and a privacy nightmare. The new Options dialog is a miasma of options, some of which are hidden in embedded tab controls. It’s ugly, confusing, and illogical.

Firefox 2.0 is free, but it’s a woefully minor improvement over Firefox 1.5 that suffers from various incompatibility issues, especially with themes and other add-ons. I can’t say I recommend it all, to be honest. I’ll be sticking with Firefox 1.5 at least for now. I recommend you do the same, or switch to the surprisingly solid IE 7.

Some of the points that Paul states are reasonable but many are more of his opinion than anything. While some people will obviously not like the new theme I actually love it. It gives Firefox a fresh look and helps it fit in better with Windows Vista.

Paul hasn’t written a review at his Windows SuperSite yet but he said that he will soon. I am actually anxious to read the full review because he always does a thorough job explaining what he thinks, which is something this article obviously lacks. He lists the things that he is disappointed in but doesn’t give much insight as to what would make them better.