Pay Per Post PayPerPost caused quite the buzz, and controversy when it launched back in June because they pay bloggers to write about advertisers’ products. Now they’re in the news again, acquiring parts of Performancing.  Performancing, a blog advertising network, has been one awesome tool for Bloggers to use. We too at one point used some of their services.  On their website, Performancing announces that PayPerPost has acquired their metrics and classifieds exchange. Other things such as their Firefox plugin and partners program they’re hanging onto, and re-branding.

Performancing has 28,000+ users which means that PayPerPost now has access to a load of information. So, what’s the big deal about that? Well, for starters, now they’ll be able to get a look at which blogs are attracting the most people (potential customers). They have access to statistics from thousands of sites. As Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger says, “I can’t say that I’m overly happy with a company like PPP who in my opinion have caused so much controversy and who have been accused of some less than transparent and ethical behavior having access to my blog’s statistics.” There’s been a lot of Buzz about this with many people unhappy that a trusted company, like Performancing gave in to a not-so trusted company like PayPerPost.  It will be interesting to see what PPP does with their newly acquired products.

Going back to the Firefox plugin that Performancing is hanging onto, it will now be called ScribeFire with a slogan of “Fire up your blog.” It’s considered the blogosphere’s #1 free blog editor, with good reason.  You can download ScribeFire from Mozilla. They already have a website started for the re-branded product, although for now, you’re unable to download directly from them.  It appears they’re still working on getting everything all set up.