PC Magazine Gives Streets And Trips 2006 A 3/5

GPS navigation is constantly increasing in popularity in the United States and around the world. What is the best software to use for the money that you pay? It is tough to say because each software will contain features that the other won’t, but my current favorite is Delorme Street Atlas. I have been using it since the 2004 version mostly because Streets & Trips didn’t even have GPS capabilities at the time. The next year when Microsoft did finally implement GPS into Streets and Trips it was horrible! You could see where you were on the map but it would not tell you if you had a turn coming up. That is why I am a big fan of Street Atlas. They have had GPS navigation and route tracking capabilities for years now and they are constantly improving it. Microsoft is just finally getting into this arena which means that it is not as feature extensive as it should be. Of course, they will add more features as time passes and newer versions are released, but Delorme is also doing the same thing. I don’t see Microsoft coming out with a better product than what Street Atlas can provide but I have not tried the Streets & Trips 2006.

This is what PC Magazine has to say about the PROS and CONS of Microsoft Streets & Trips 2006:

Familiar, easy to use and learn Microsoft Windows interface. Accurate GPS tracking. Current maps.

No automatic recalculation after missed turn. Smaller, more dated POI database than the one included with Delorme Street Atlas 2006.

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