Apple third placeSales figures for the PC Market have been updated and Apple fans have reason to celebrate after Apple has reclaimed their position as the third largest PC seller in the US market. How did the other PC vendors do? Here are the top five:

1. Dell – 28.4%
2. HP – 23.6%
3. Apple – 5.6% (tied with Gateway)
3. Gateway – 5.6% (tied with Apple)
4. Toshiba – 5.3%
5. Acer – 5.2%

While Apple did in fact come in third place, they have a long ways to go before they get to 2nd place with Dell and HP holding such a large chunk of the market. As Reg Hardware pointed out, back in the 80s and 90s, Apple managed to have a market share well above where they currently are. So while their days of commanding a double-digit share of the market are over, their current third-place rating in the U.S. is not too shabby.

Keep in mind that the rankings above are for the US market.  The worldwide results shake things up a bit. Here are the top five Worldwide PC vendors:

1. HP – 19.3%
2. Dell – 16.1%
3. Lenovo – 8.3%
4. Acer – 7.2%
5. Toshiba – 4.1%

Amazing how different the results are Worldwide versus in the US, isn’t it? So while Apple doesn’t even rank in the top five worldwide,  it wouldn’t surprise me if their market share here in the US continued to grow with people curious what Apple computers are all about. Afterall, the Apple brand has gotten a huge chunk of publicity lately with the iPhone.