Fill out pdf form

I’ve used desktop programs in the past to fill out PDF forms, and from time to time I would have people ask how I was able to add text to a non-editable PDF document. I was always hesitant to recommend some of the apps I used because these were your average computer users, and I knew that the programs would be likely to confuse them with the learning curve they seemed to have. is the perfect solution for anyone that is looking for a way to fill out a PDF form without all those extra features. All you have to do is upload your PDF to the site and start clicking in the areas you want to type. It isn’t a big deal if you happen to miss the mark a little because you can always drag-and-drop the text anywhere you want.

The site also has some options for adding comments, highlighting a portion of the page, or drawing a black/white box to conceal what is underneath. Once you’ve made all your customizations you simply save the document and download it to your computer… with no watermarks!

One thing I accidentally discovered the first time around was that you’ll want to save the document before downloading it, otherwise your changes will be lost. I think the site needs to prompt you to save the document at the very least, but that is really my only complaint.

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