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I just got done playing around with a service called Peepel that is looking to revolutionize the way we use online documents. It is honestly the best looking online document manager that I have ever seen, but it looks all too familiar doesn’t it?

The entire interface is remarkably similar to the Office 2007 “Ribbons” that were introduced with the newest Microsoft Office 2007 release. For those of you who don’t have Office 2007 I’ll make the comparison for you…here you’ll see the Peepel tabs for a spreadsheet on top and the Excel 2007 tabs on the bottom:

Peepel vs. Office 2007

I guess Microsoft should be flattered that people admire their interface so much that they wanted to “borrow” some ideas from it, but they even copied the name of the labels for each section. I’ll go ahead and put the visual similarities aside for this comparison though, but I definitely thought it was worth mentioning.

Once you begin using Peepel you’ll quickly admire the hard work they must have put into designing the online suite. They have a spreadsheet, word processor, and calculator application that can all be tiled across the screen at the same time.  It is actually pretty nice being able to copy and paste things from one document to another without having to switch back and forth between the documents. It is the closest thing that I have ever seen to a normal desktop application.

Much like Office 2007 you can click on the oval Peepel icon in the upper-left corner to create new documents or cascade your open windows. Then there is also a task manager located on the left side that is extremely similar to the Mac OS X Dock where you can hover your mouse over the icons and they enlarge themselves. Clicking on any of the icons will then switch you to that specified document.

So what’s it missing? Well, surprisingly they don’t have any collaboration features yet so that multiple people can share and edit the same document. That is something most online Office services currently offer so I’m sure that will be coming shortly. Other than that it is a very well laid out program that is easy to grasp because of the Office 2007–like interface.

Here is a quick video demonstration that shows Peepel in action:

Source: Go2Web2