peggle for ipod

About a month ago Ryan introduced me to Peggle, a game from PopCap Games.  He had been playing it and it looked like fun, so I decided I’d try it too.  Little did I know how addicting this game would turn out to be. MSNBC named Peggle as one of the “Top 5 most additive games of all time” this year, and I can understand why! Given this, you’ll understand why I was excited to hear today that Peggle is now available on the iPod… woo hoo! Along with Peggle, I can’t forget Sonic the Hedgehog which was also added to the list of games that you can purchase for $4.99. It’s just like you remember it from Sega Genesis which I’m sure will have a bunch of you excited.

Back to Peggle though, it’s perfect for the iPod. Those of you who have played it will understand why.  The object of most stages in the game is to clear all of the orange pegs by hitting them with a ball that you shoot from the very top of the screen. The click-wheel on the iPod suits Peggle perfectly because players will be able to use it to adjust where the ball will shoot from, and of course they can push the button to actually shoot the ball. That’s all that’s involved with Peggle which means it’ll be a fun and simple game to play on your iPod.

Sonic on the other hand may be a bit more difficult.  Joystiq points out how it doesn’t really suit the iPod well when the only controls you have are a click wheel and buttons.  The game really does require a bit more than just that, and you might find yourself frustrated while playing it, as fun and cool as it may be. Those of you that played Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis are probably having a hard time picturing how you’d even use an iPod to play the game (with no blast processing). Apparently it’s possible, but just expect a few hurdles along the way as you try to beat the game.