Performancing Firefox There have been literally hundreds of thousands of people who have downloaded the Performancing Firefox extension to help them post to their blogs. It is about to get even better for a lot of people because Performancing For Firefox (PFF) will support Blogger Beta when it is officially released either later tonight or tomorrow.

You’re probably impatient and hate to wait, so you can go download the latest Beta version of the extension if you want to get a preview of the new features. Besides for the newly added Blogger Beta support it also works with Firefox 2 now and actually utilizes the spell-checker that Firefox now has to offer.

It is really nice to see all of these developers updating their Firefox extensions so quickly after Firefox 2 was released. I remember when I upgraded from Firefox 1.0.x to 1.5 it seemed like it took months for people to update their extensions. Now many of the extensions that I am using even have support for Firefox 3 which really blows me away.