Online Conversions Are you wondering how far a certain day is away from right now or maybe you want to add/subtract some time from a date? I was just looking for a converter to do just that and I found It has nearly all of the different conversions that you would want plus a whole page dedicated to just time conversions.

I didn’t think that I should have to go looking to do the time calculations because I figured Google’s OneBox should work just fine. After all, I can type in “1 day in seconds” into a search box and it will tell me how many seconds are in one day (as seen in the image below). It can also do all kinds of mathematical computations in addition to the conversions so subtracting two dates shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Unfortunately I couldn’t get Google to perform the calculation no matter what I tried. I had entered in things like “time until 1/1/2007” or “1/1/2007 – 11/26/2006.” I initially thought that the latter one actually returned a calculation result but then I noticed that it did the literal division using the slashes as a mathematical operator instead of a day/month/year division.

One of the reasons that I love the Google OneBox results is that they appear in the suggestions for the search box built-into Firefox 2 (pictured below). It is so convenient because I don’t have to visit a website to get the conversion result. The usefulness of this feature goes far beyond what any other search engines offer but I wish Google would develop a way to make it a full-fledged conversion utility.

Are there any other conversions, mathematical operations, or search results that you would like the Google OneBox to include?

Google OneBox