Tired of needing software to edit your photos? Phixr fixes (pun intended) that problem by offering an easy-to-use online photo editing service . It would be nice if it had some AJAX to it so that the page didn’t refresh with each operation but that is something I can live with because of the other great features it has. Here are the things that you can do to a photo:

  • Undo/Redo an operation
  • Zoom
  • Rotate/Flip the photo
  • Scale or Crop
  • Make it Black & White, Sepia, Negate the colors, Colorize, or make various other color adjustments
  • Fill an area with a certain color
  • Remove noise (despeckle)
  • Blur/Sharpen
  • Choose from 14 different special effects to apply
  • Remove red eye
  • Add a border or frame
  • Mix the photo with a preset photo or with another photo
  • Make the corners round
  • Add text
  • Save your photo as a JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, or Text (OCR)
  • Email the resulting photo to a friend
  • Upload your photo to Flickr, Fotopic, PhotoBucket,, Buzznet, Dropshots, or LiveJornal

You can use a demo account that they have if you just want to see what the site has to offer you. However, even if you do register for a free account the photos are limited to 1.6MP (1440×1080 pixels) and if you try to upload something larger than that it will automatically resize the image. That is the only downside that I can see to using this.

My favorite feature is that you can email the photo to a friend. Why is that so great? I know plenty of people who have a hard time understanding computers and bringing photo software into their lives would only make things worse. This way they can upload their photo, have some fun with it, and then email it to a friend without ever touching the original photo that is stored on their computer. If they use this service for their photo editing needs I won’t have to worry about getting the call “I just saved over the original photo…is there any way I can get it back?”

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