Photo collage screensaver

I don’t know very many people anymore that use screensavers on their computers, but displaying a nice photo collage might be worthwhile if you still enjoy having something flashy on the screen when your computer is sitting idle. I came across a pretty nice one that was started a few months ago, and I’d say offers the right amount of options without being overkill.

Photo Collage Screensaver is free, and after being installed you’ll find it tucked in the screensaver properties for Windows. Don’t go looking for anything in the Start Menu because you won’t find it there. There are some options you’ll be able to configure after it is selected as your default screensaver:

  • Directory on your PC where your photos are located.
  • Number of photos on the screen at a time, which can be between 5 and 30. Once that maximum number has been hit the oldest photos will start fading off the screen. This is a much nicer solution than just wiping out all of the photos on the screen once the limit is hit.
  • Speed at which new photos should appear.
  • Whether you want the photos randomized.

The only thing I think this is missing is an option to set how large you want the images to appear, but the size it uses seems to work pretty well.

Photo Collage Screensaver (Windows only; Freeware)