PhotoagiousPhotagious is a web-based photo service that ads fun to sharing your photos. For a small monthly fee, you’re able to upload all of your favorite photos to put in a slideshow with music, graphics, and other tools to make sharing a little more exciting.

Instead of using ads to make revenue, Photagious charges $3.95 per month for a personal account. This is actually a great price when taking into consideration that you get unlimited space and a pretty nifty slideshow editor.

Compare this to Picasa Web Albums and it’s an awesome price.  Picasa charges $25 per year for 6.25 GB, all the way up to $500 per year for 250GB.  You’ll pay around $47 for an entire year with unlimited space to upload as many pictures as you’d like with Photagious. Flickr on the other hand offers unlimited uploads and unlimited storage with their Pro account for $24.95 per year.

Photagious also offers a Pro account for $10 per month. The difference between a pro account and a personal account is mainly that you can upload videos and create video galleries to integrate into your site. They have a nice comparison chart of the differences in features here.

My favorite features:

  1. Unlimited Space – With high resolution pictures, you can never have enough room!
  2. No ads– This makes sense because you’re paying for the service.
  3. Slideshows– Make it easy for your friends and family to view your photos.  They offer 35 different themes to give it a more customized feel.
  4. Tagging – I’m getting really used to tags with just about everything these days. It’s great to tag your photos so that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.
  5. Password Protection – Maybe you don’t want everybody to see your photos? By adding a password, your photos will be private and available only to those who have your password.

A free trial is offered which I was pretty excited about, except that you still have to provide them with credit card information before your trial starts.  I was going to give it a try, but i didn’t want to have to pull out my credit card or worry about canceling the demo before I got charged, but also because they have a demo of the slideshow editor which gave me a good idea of what it was all about.


I really like the slideshow editor (pictured above) because it’s easy to understand.  Even my parents who are near computer-illiterate would be able to understand it.  You can add graphics, adjust the order of the photos, and the zoomSpot is pretty cool as well.

Photagious is all done in flash, and the entire process is smooth from start to finish.

The free trial sign-up can be found here (7 days).

Source: Go2web2