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Like many things in life the art of taking photos can be a lot of fun, but the aftermath of organizing the images isn’t always that exciting. It’s especially daunting if you have thousands of photos scattered around in obscure locations on your computer that you always meant to sort, but never quite got around to.

The free Adebis Photo Sorter program wants to help you get your photos organized. This handy tool lets you define a folder structure for your photos based on the season and/or date they were taken. It will crawl all of your photos organizing them into folders so that you can quickly find them again in the future. Here’s an overview of what the app is capable of:

  • Sorting and structuring of the entire photo collection on the user’s system
  • Batch renaming of photos with the help of user-defined masks
  • Creation of chronologically sorted photo series from multiple source folders
  • Inclusion of EXIF data into filenames during batch renaming

Overall I’d say this app is useful for anyone that is behind in photo organization, or anyone wanting to take the stress of managing photos off their shoulders.

Adebis Photo Sorter Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)