Photo stream website

There are all kinds of photo sharing websites out there, but the concept behind LiveShare is really interesting. It all starts with a photo stream that is created by you or a friend, and then gets shared out among anyone you want. These streams can be private so that only the people you invite can view/post to the stream, or they can be public so that anyone can view/post to the stream. In order to post photos, however, you’ll still need a LiveShare account.

Any photos that get added are instantly pushed out to everyone viewing the stream on the web or with one of the mobile apps. The thing that some people may not realize is that no one is able to delete a photo stream from the site, but you can remove individual images that you’ve uploaded. The creators of the service consider a photo stream a “living document” which is why they don’t let you delete it.

The service is really easy to use, and with the iPhone/Android apps almost everyone in your photo stream should be able to upload photos they take on their phones. If you like the idea of a real-time photo stream then LiveShare is definitely something you should checkout.

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