Come Monday, an announcement is expected from Photobucket and Adobe in regards to a web-based video editing tool that Photobucket’s users would be able to take advantage of. It would require Flash Player 9 to be installed, and would be found under Photobucket’s media-sharing site. 

From there you’d be able to get creative and create your own concoction of photos, videos, and music. Similar to other non-web based video editing software, you’d be able to drag and drop your snippets of video along a timeline depending on where you wanted them.

This adds a whole new element to sharing videos and pictures on the web.  Adding captions, transitions, and effects really gives the movie you created a “production” feel. Loads of people take advantage of Photobucket for placing pictures on social networks like MySpace, and this would just be an extra tool to take advantage of.

While Photobucket and Adobe haven’t released anything official regarding this, Adobe has said that this deal with Photobucket is not exclusive. This means that you could potentially see this around the web in the future.  Currently, it is referred to as Adobe’s Web-based Video Remix and Editing Technology, but Adobe is expected to name it at a later date.

Speaking with Webware, Alex Welch, Photobucket’s CEO says: “A photo is no longer good enough, a straight video is not good enough.  This lets you use a combination of photos, videos and music to build something truly custom.”

Source: Webware