PhotobucketPhotobucket and MySpace are at it again — round two of their clash that originally started in January 2007.  That time, MySpace said they were trying to prevent security breaches by using a new filter, which in the process blocked Photobucket media.

Now it’s happening for a second time, and Photobucket is turning to their users and relying on them to protest this move by MySpace and pressure them to get it changed.  This is a big deal for Photobucket who could easily lose some of their 40 million registered users to services like YouTube or even MySpace videos.

This started about 10:30 last night, and because Photobucket is up for sale, this complicates things a bit more.  If users can’t post their media on MySpace, it definitely takes away some of their value.

According to the Photobucket blog, any of the videos and remixes that have been created will no longer show up. If you try to add new videos to your page, they’ll be removed.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Photobucket CEO Alex Welch says, “We believe this action by MySpace is a retrograde step in the evolution of the Web and an unacceptable attempt to limit the freedom of the very people who are its lifeblood— its users.”

MySpace always seems to have an array of excuses for previous blocks and bans on their site for several different services. Sharing media is an integral part of Social Networking, and when MySpace cuts off that media, they’re clearly showing that they don’t have the users listed as their number one priority.

This also shows that Photobucket has come to rely heavily on MySpace for their success. If they’re looking for a big payout, at this point, they may not get it.

On the other hand, it appears that MySpace is trying to show everybody who’s boss (a.k.a. they’re on a power-trip), except they’re forgetting that their users are boss. Without their users, they’d be nothing.  Hopefully MySpace has a better excuse this time around than they did last time, otherwise they could lose users as well.  Seems like a lose-lose situation to me.