Photobucket Releases Their Own Flock Browser

It has been about 3 weeks since the first Beta version of the Firefox-based Flock was released. For those people just hearing about it you will find many additional features that it has over Firefox and one of the nicest features is the built-in image uploading tools to Photobucket and Flickr.

So Flock already had Photobucket integrated into it, so why do they need to come out with their own version? Simple, they wanted to remove the Flickr access so that people only have one option for photo uploading. TechCrunch is guessing that Flock is giving Photobucket a share of the revenue from the integrated search box. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Flickr did something similar, except maybe they would team up with Flock to offer Flock with Flickr integrated into it.

Download The Original Flock
Download The Photobucket Flock
View A Tour On The Photobucket Flock