Sharing content, particularly photos, has exploded in popularity over the last decade. It’s easy, it’s fun, and as a result, many websites offer services that help you create photo collages. One standout in this area is called Photovisi.

We like Photovisi for several reasons; ease of use, it looks good (nice templates), it’s free, and it’s available as a Facebook app in addition to the Photovisi website. We’ve tested out both methods (Facebook, and their website) for creating collages, and both prove to be outstanding.

There are basically three steps involved in the creation process – first you choose a template (shown below are some examples), add your photos (you browse for photos already saved on your computer), crop photos if you’d like, and then you can save, download, and or print your collage. As you are creating your collage, you can select a background color or choose an image to be displayed as your background.

When you’re ready to save your collage, choose the resolution you’d like for your download – 800×600, 1024×768, or 1600×1200. Additionally, Photovisi has partnered with Zazzle so that you can print your collage as magnets, postcards, mugs and more.


If you’re using the Facebook app, you choose an album of photos you’ve already uploaded to Facebook to work with. When you save your collage to Facebook, you can post it to your profile and save it to an album. Below is an actual collage that I created using photos from an album I had already uploaded to Facebook.


You’ll see one ad at the top of the page (I saw ads for Google’s Picasa and Intuit), but good services have to make money somehow, and it’s really the only ad you’ll come across, so it’s not bad.

One feature we would like to see would be integration with online photo services. Instead of browsing for photos on the computer, it would be great to be able to access collections from sites like Flickr, Smug Mug, etc. Other than that, we’re impressed with Photovisi. It produces great results for the amount of effort required to create a collage and will be fun to share with family and friends.