PhraseExpress is one of our favorite freeware applications because of the sheer power it harnesses. They’re stepping up their game with the new PhraseExpress 5 that is slated for release sometime next month, but in the meantime they have a Beta version that you can kick around.

Version 5 introduces several new features, and two of them are particularly great. The first one is an automatic text prediction tool that will learn phrases that you commonly type. That’s right, if it sees you repeating the same phrases over and over it will automatically start suggesting them in a small popup as you’re typing.

The other cool feature is a more advanced clipboard that retains several of your recently copied text snippets. By default the Windows clipboard is only able to store the last item that you copied, but with PhraseExpress 5 you can access several text items that you’ve previously copied. To retrieve them you’ll simply use the Shift+Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut.

I’m sure you want to see all of this in action, and there’s no better way than with a video demonstration:

PhraseExpress is free for personal use, but the Beta version will expire on January 31, 2008. They expect the final release to be completed before then, so this is just a way to ensure people upgrade to the latest version.