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We’ve written about PhraseExpress before because of the fact that it’s a free application for personal use ($50 for commercial users). They are pretty smart giving away their software for home users, because they know once you start using it you’ll want to have it in front of you while you’re at work as well. So if you do happen to be a PhraseExpress user you’ll be pleased to know that version 6 was just released today, and includes some nice improvements:

  • Support for HTML formatting
    PhraseExpress now supports Rich Text and HTML-formatted phrases which can include pictures and hyperlinks as well.
  • Up to 10x faster loading time
    A new file format reduces the phrase file size by more than 10 times compared to previous versions.
  • Restrict Autotext and Hotkeys to certain applications
    The scope of Autotexts and Hotkeys of any phrase can now be restricted to certain programs or excluded from a customizable list of applications.
  • Autocomplete for individual words
    The unique text prediction feature which has been introduced in v5 has been significantly improved. Additionally, it also offers to auto-complete single words rather than full sentences only.
  • Multi-language support
    PhraseExpress supports Unicode for multi-language phrases but now also offers to switch the keyboard language layout automatically.
  • Automated Email creation
    PhraseExpress can now compose an email including html text/bitmaps (Outlook only), file attachement and definition of cc: and bcc:. The body text length is now only limited by Outlook and PhraseExpress can be configured to send the email immediately without need of confirmation.
  • Runs from a USB memory device
    PhraseExpress can now be used on a USB memory stick. If running from an USB stick it stores all user and configuration data on the removable device only and leaves no traces on the host PC.

Another free text replacement utility is Texter, and while it isn’t as powerful as PhraseExpress it is definitely a fast and simple tool. Give them both a whirl and see which one works best for you. But remember, PhraseExpress is only free for personal use.

Get PhraseExpress for Windows [via Lifehacker]