If you are getting a new computer this Christmas, don’t forget to pick yourself up an antivirus. You can never protect yourself too much these days from the prying eyes of hackers. Eset’s NOD32 is the award winning antivirus and the “only solution worldwide that has not missed a single ‘In-the-Wild’ virus in the rigorous testing conducted by Virus Bulletin since May, 1998″. So what kind of speed do you have to give up on your computer for it to run such a top-notch antivirus? Less than any other competitive antivirus since the closest competitor to NOD32 took TWICE as long to run! Personally, I have been using NOD32 for over a year now and I never even know that it is running except when I get the virus warnings. I thought I would give everyone a little tip out there for the antivirus needs this holiday season!

Download: NOD32