We wrote about PicLens for the first time last July and described it as a browser add-on that offers full-screen photo browsing. In the year since we first wrote about it, they’ve added all kinds of features, and now they offer much more than just photo browsing. Recently they added some new features with their latest release, PicLens 1.7 , so we thought it was about time to review all that they offer.

First, we should mention that PicLens 1.7 is for users running Firefox on a Mac or Windows. It is also available for Internet Explorer users. With this latest release, they added three major new features which include:


The PicLens team wants to make it easier for you to discover what’s going on with sports, entertainment, and current events. All you have to do is look for the “Discover” button and then a list will appear with your media channel options. Channels include US News, US Sports, International News and Sports, Entertainment, Movies/TV, Fashion/Lifestyle, Science/Technology, and more…

Shop Amazon

Shop Amazon in a whole new way! They’re calling it “virtual window shopping” because you’ll be browsing through products on Amazon visually. Using the PicLens search box, you’ll enter in the item you’re searching for, choose a category, and then you’ll be able to view the products that match your search visually. If you want more information on a particular product, all it takes is one click and then you’ll see the Amazon page that you’d typically see with all of the product information and reviews.

shop amazon on piclens.png

Return to PicLens

Getting back to PicLens was made just a bit easier with a new “Return to PicLens” button.


With Firefox 3 coming out this week, some of you are probably wondering whether or not PicLens works with it, and it does. I installed PicLens 1.7 using Firefox 3 RC3 to try out all of these features and they all seemed to work well. As someone who shops Amazon pretty regularly, the “Shop Amazon” feature was great. All I did was type the product I was looking for in the PicLens search box and it pulled up a list of results that I could click on. Once I clicked on them, they enlarged and then I could use my arrow keys to go through all of the matching product results. The transitions between the products looked great as well.

Download PicLens 1.7 here