In their latest blog entry, the crew over at popular online photo editing service Picnik says they want everybody to be able to be a photo editing superstar. That’s why they’re making the features that were previously available only to premium users, available to everybody. So how is it that they’re able to do this? Well, the site is now ad-supported.

After looking at the Picnik site with the newly placed ads, it’s really not all that bad considering that all users have access to more features. I noticed two ads, one on the right side of the page and one at the bottom . For the services that they offer, I’d prefer the ads over a yearly subscription because they don’t interfere with the photo editing and they provide a source of revenue for Picnik. So here’s what all users now have access to which they previously didn’t have access to before:

  • All editing tools
  • Special effects
  • Special fonts
  • Special shapes

They still do offer a Premium package, but that’s now changed to offer the following for $24.95 per year.

  • Ad-free photo editing
  • Advanced set of editing tools
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Professional fonts from FontShop
  • Early access to new features
  • Exclusive partner offers

picnik premium

Now that Picnik has become the official editor of Flickr Photos (it’s built right-in), there’s not doubt that they are experiencing tremendous growth and I think their users will be pleasantly surprised when they find that they have access to “premium” features. And by integrating ads into their site, they should be able to bring in a decent amount of revenue each month.

While there are some quality competitors out there (FotoFlexer comes to mind), Picnik still stands out as the best photo editing service out there. They’ve got a great interface and the tools are so simple to use that anybody is able to use them. Picnik says that one of their goals is to “bring photo editing awesomeness” to everybody, and these changes help them achieve their goal.

Thanks for the tip Omar!