Pinboard android

I’m a pretty big fan of the Pinboard bookmarking service, and even though it is a one-time fee of about $10 I’d say it’s well worth it. I originally jumped over to Pinboard after being unhappy with the privacy settings in Delicious about two years ago, and haven’t looked back since. There isn’t an official Pinboard app for Android, but the free PinDroid does just about everything I could ask for.

This is a rather full-featured bookmark management solution for Pinboard. You can do all of the stuff you’d expect like add, edit, view, and delete bookmarks. You can even search your bookmarks in case you are looking for something specific. Plus it includes a widget that provides quick access to the different areas of the app, such as searching or adding a bookmark.

My favorite part of the app is that it integrates with Android’s global sharing menu. That means you can bookmark tweets in your favorite Twitter app, URLs from the browser, and articles from your feed reader… all of which get passed to this Pinboard app. In iOS I always had to look for apps that specifically had Pinboard integration, and since each app had its own implementation the interfaces always ended up being different. Thanks to Android’s global sharing paired up with Pindroid I get universal access and a unified experience across all my apps.

And I want to give kudos to the developer. I had a minor issue with adding a bookmark via the sharing feature in another app, and he corrected my issue pretty fast.

PinDroid on Google Play