If you’re reading this site there is a pretty good chance that you already know how to use the ping and traceroute commands from the command prompt. If you only have to do these once in awhile I’m sure you don’t mind opening up the command prompt, but if you’re anything more than a casual pinger you may find the free PingMaster app to be useful.

PingMaster isn’t something that’s so great it will blow your mind. Instead it’s one of those utilities that will help keep your mind (and sanity) in tact… especially if you want an easy way to monitor site response times. As you can see in the screenshot above you can have up to five different domains/IPs being monitored at any given time. Each tab will show the realtime results, and at the bottom will provide a summary of how many packets have been lost.

One thing I found to be kinda nice was the System Tray icon. When you hover over it you’ll quickly see the last two response times for each of the five sites you are monitoring. This is really helpful if you manage several domains and want to check in periodically on the response times, which may help you identify issues before they happen.

PingMaster Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)