3D GraphYou may remember about a service called Pingdom that I mentioned late last year who was giving away a free 1–year subscription for their downtime monitor. I jumped on the chance to have a free website monitor that had the features they offered because it was at no cost to me (typically $120 value).

They apparently decided to monitor the top 20 sites according to Alexa just for fun, and the result is actually quite amazing. In their post they order them from 1 to 20 in order of how Alexa ranks them. I, however, decided to reorder the list in terms of the amount of downtime:

 1  yahoo.com           0m
 2  aol.com             3m
 3  comcast.net         3m
 4  ebay.com            6m
 5  google.com          7m
 6  go.com              8m
 7  microsoft.com       13m
 8  amazon.com          21m
 9  cnn.com             22m
10  facebook.com        25m
11  imdb.com            29m
12  flickr.com          30m
13  myspace.com      1h 0m
14  craigslist.org   1h 9m
15  photobucket.com  1h 23m
16  live.com         1h 48m
17  wikipedia.org    2h 23m
18  msn.com          2h 45m
19  youtube.com      4h 44m
20  blogger.com      4h 47m

These stats are for the entire year of 2007 up until now. That means Google had a 99.9947% uptime and YouTube had a 99.7833% uptime. The downtime looks pretty bad on the site list, but as you can tell the actual percentages are really not that bad.At least all of them are still over 99%.

What really caught my attention was the eBay stats which show that the service was down for 6–minutes. Most of the services listed, such as Google, only mean that users cannot do a search or see their photos when the site is inaccessible. However, eBay constantly has auctions ending every minute so that would not be good if one of your auctions was ending in the 6–minutes that it was down. That would result in a losing the last-minute bidders you would have normally had…unless eBay realizes when their servers go down and automatically extend the auctions the appropriate amount of time?

Source: 901AM