Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools 2.0 just launched, and it’s a free tool that any website designer will surely love. The AJAX-powered service accepts a URL, and in return it graphs out the loading time of the website showing what files caused a slow load time.

The new version features test saving capabilities so that past results are always accessible. Initially I didn’t think this was all that impressive, but then I found out that the test history of each website is available for anyone to view anywhere in the world. That means that you could run the test for our site, and I could go and see the results. The test archive is found below the results, and looks similar to the screenshot I posted above.

Note: The same archive feature has also been extended to Pingdom’s Ping & Traceroute tests, which can be used to provide useful information on a server’s response time.

For help on using Pingdom Tools, and for an explanation of how to interpret the graph, visit the Ping Tools guide.

Pingdom Tools 2.0