I’m not sure if you have ever heard of Pinger before but it is an amazing new service that was just started a short while ago. It definitely reminds me of the voicemail feature that most cellphones come with but it goes way beyond that by making it feel more like an email system. You can send, reply, and forward (even to more than one person) a message in a matter of seconds.

You can be notified via text message or email when there is a new “Pinger” that you can listen to it. The service ties everything together very well and instead of trying to describe how things work just checkout this video that the founders made:

I created an account for the service, which is currently in Beta, and you don’t have to be invited or anything. It just asks you a couple quick questions like what’s your phone number, email address, phone carrier, etc. and then your account will be opened. They do initially send you a text message to show you how the service works but after that you can disable the text message notifications via the Options (I get charged per text message so I disable this option).

MySpace users will undoubtedly love Pinger because you can post audio comments on your friend’s MySpace page by using your cellphone. I don’t have a MySpace account to try this out with but it does seem really cool.

I wonder how long it will be before cellphone companies ditch the regular voicemail and go to something a little more extravagant like Pinger. Maybe one of the companies will even buy the service. ;)

Note: At this time Pinger is only available for U.S. residents.