PinkZuneWhile I’m sure that nearly everybody who is reading this will not be interested in purchasing a pink Zune, read on…

First, Microsoft has confirmed that they are bringing back the pink Zune.  Last year they sold a limited 100 Pink Zunes, and few people paid a big price tag on eBay ($761.00) to get one. They’ve brought it back now and it will be going on sale sometime in May, and Amazon is already taking orders for them. Perhaps they’re trying to entice more women into purchasing a Zune?

Next, along with this pink Zune, Microsoft says that another “vibrant” color will be coming several weeks after the pink version is released. Hopefully it’ll be a color that will more appealing than pink is for most of you. Currently your color options are white, brown, and black.

Any guesses on what the new “vibrant” color will be? Do you think offering additional colors will boost their sales? Jason Reindorp who is the marketing director for the Zune says that they have a second big round of advertising that will be starting in a month because sales have naturally tapered off from the holidays.

Source: Zune-Online