The creator of the Million Dollar Homepage is at it again with a whole new venture. Previously Alex Tew sold 1 pixel for $1 and in the end he sold all 1 million pixels on his site. In fact, the last 1,000 pixels were sold on eBay for a cost of $38,000! Why would people buy so many of these tiny ad spots? I’m not sure but this animated GIF image shows the progression of the Million Dollar Homepage over time and I am still astonished.

The newest idea from Alex Tew is called Pixelotto and will be opening the doors on December 5th. I was looking through some of the comments on TechCrunch’s article and there was a lot of good information including a link to the screenshot that I have on the right. Yep, your eyes aren’t lying to you…he is already selling ad space before he makes the site publicly available. Why is this site going to be any different? Because each of the 1 million pixels will cost $2 and eventually $1 million will be given out to someone via a lottery drawing that involves the people who have clicked on the ads. Here is some more information that I managed to scrounge up reading through the comments from TechCrunch:

  • Every REGISTERED user gets 10 chances per day to enter the lottery. The more entries you make the more you get the chance to win the lottery when the draw takes place. So bots won’t work.

Here is the email that is being sent out to sell the ad space before December 5:


I have some very exciting news I’d like to share with you.

Next week, on 5th December, I am launching a new venture called ‘Pixelotto’. It’s similar to The Million Dollar Homepage only this time I will be giving away $1,000,000!

It’s all based around pixel advertising and generating big traffic for advertisers. Visitors play for free – all they have to do is click on the ads for chances to win the jackpot. The more they click, the more chances they have – and the more traffic you receive.

As a valued customer of The Million Dollar Homepage, I’d like to give you an exclusive opportunity to purchase advertising space on Pixelotto before the site goes public. The world will be watching next week and this is your chance to get on-board before everyone else.

The following link will give you exclusive access to Pixelotto, where you can buy ad space right now:


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to e-mail me and my team at

I look forward to welcoming you on-board for this new pixel adventure!


Alex Tew


Pixelotto Limited is registered in England & Wales. Company no. 05972757

Isn’t this insane! The creativity of Alex Tew is amazing and there are many people saying that he won’t succeed in doing this. Honestly, I hope he does because so many people try to copy off of his marketing ideas that I think he deserves to be successful. Not only that but he has found a way to make people want to click on the ads…and who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire? What a genius!