It was just last month when Meebo opened their platform to third party developers and already, the first big batch of games have launched.  There are over twenty different games available like classic Checkers, Reversi, Connect 4, and more. Venture Beat calls this an “ambitious move” which it certainly is, and one that will cause “the rest of us” to hear about what a great service is out there. I always thought it was a great idea when Microsoft implemented games into their Messenger, but it’s even more impressive that Meebo has done it with a web-based chat service. Instead of playing games with strangers, you get to play games with your friends.

meebo games 

To access the games, look for the image of a rocket at the top of your chat window and click on it. To the right of the window, a list of games will appear which is shown above. Once you select a game, it will load and you’ll be able to play with someone on your chat list.

Meebo offers a pretty decent incentive to developers of all applications including games which is nice.  Developers can either choose to sell their own ads for their applications (which could potentially result in 100% profit for them), or they can allow Meebo to deliver the ads and share the revenue 50/50. Either way, developers will be making money off of something that they made which is probably enough incentive to continuing developing more applications just for Meebo.

Given the huge progress Meebo has made since they launched, especially over the last few months, I can only imagine what will be next!