Scrabble is one of those classic board games that many of you have probably played at one point or another. I remember multiple occasions playing the game growing up and always being frustrated when I got the letters Q and Z. Times have changed and not everybody is interested in sitting down to play an “old-fashioned” game board. Instead they want to play the game online, either by themselves, against a computer, or with other people all around the World. One way you can play Scrabble online is a site called Scrabulous.

Scrabulous is just like the board game except you’re playing online. They offer four different ways to play including:

  • Just Scrabulous – play online against users from all over the world or play with your friends privately inside “rooms”
  • Email version – play with your friends over email
  • Scrabulous Blitz- fast paced, play against others in 4 minute games
  • Solitaire & Computer – play against the computer or practice by yourself

I decided to try playing against the “robot” and it was pretty tricky. You don’t have to sign-up to be able to do the type of game I played unless you want to save your games. They try to make things a little easier for you by providing you with a Scrabulous Dictionary, but it’s still tricky. To play, just drag your tiles up to the board and place them wherever you’d like. They’ll show you your best move of the game on the left side of the board. If you’re having trouble coming up with a word, you can select to view a hint.

scrabulous 1.png

There’s also a version available on Facebook as a Facebook App which is fun as well, the only problem is that we’re not sure how long it will be around because Hasbro and Mattel have asked Facebook to remove it. Instead of fighting it, one smart move would be for the game makers to buy the game from the two brothers who developed it because it’s one of the most popular Facebook apps.

If you’re looking for something fun to do on the web, checkout Scrabulous.