The team makes a great productivity suite, but the developers behind the famed open source project have also tucked away a few enjoyable Easter Eggs. Several of them are your typical run-of-the-mill Easter Eggs that show the credits, but one in particular is a lot of fun.

First you’ll want to fire up Calc, and enter the following code into one of the cells:


After entering that in press Enter to start playing Space Invaders! Make sure you capitalize the “S” and “W” in StarWars otherwise it won’t work.

I got a little addicted to the game once I started playing it, and managed to get to level 16 as seen in the screenshot below. Once you get to level 14 it gets a little more difficult since there are “ghost” bombers that are only visible when they’re dropping a bomb on you. So they can be rather difficult to attack.

space invaders.png

Let us know in the comments how far you manage to get, and if you close the window you’ll need to restart Calc before being able to play again. Otherwise you’ll get a “oh no, not again” message in the cell.

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