GmailFor the last 5–hours (maybe more) my Gmail account has been inaccessible, and it is times like these that makes me worry that I could have just lost all of my emails. Sure, I have seen Gmail outages before, but when they are as extensive as this one it really makes me question the stability.

If I try and login to my account it just sits on the “Loading…” screen for awhile and eventually asks if I want to switch to the “basic” version since it is having troubles loading. I gave it a shot, but just ended up with the error seen to the right.

Ashley started a discussion in the forum asking if anyone else was having a problem, and we appeared to be the only ones. At that point I was really worried, but I went where many people turn to when Gmail goes down…the Gmail-Down Google Group. Apparently we are not the only ones with this problem, and someone offered a solution that didn’t help us:

Tried clearing all private data (incl. cookies) from browser. No idea why that should have anything to do with gmail outage but it seemed to work. Hope this helps someone.

However, there is also the more official Google Group for Gmail here, where Google reports that they are working on the issue:

Hi all,

We are aware of the issues a small sub-set of our users are experiencing when logging in and sending messages. Rest assured that our engineering team is working diligently to resolve these errors. We appreciate your patience.

Please refer back to this thread for updates as they become available.

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I also use Google Apps to manage the email for our domain, so I decided to go and see if that still worked. Yep, it did so I am assuming that it is a specific data center that is having the troubles, and if you’re not located in that data center then you should still be able to access your account.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that my emails will comeback fully intact because I would hate to lose the emails in my account. This is probably why Gmail is still in Beta. ;)

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