Pligg You may have heard of Pligg before, many times referred to as the digg-clone (open source modular content management system).Yesterday they celebrated their one year anniversary and have released their Beta 9 with a huge list of new features, and a great new look.  Previously, their design was nothing to brag about.  The new Pligg has adopted a user-submitted theme which makes the new version look pretty slick, and really adds a lot to the site. So, here are some of the new features in the Beta 9:

  • Added a module system to easily delete features you don’t want
  • RSS Importer
  • Category Manager- allows for sub-categories
  • Table prefixes
  • 5 Star Rating System
  • Administrators can edit story URL
  • “Read more” link in story summaries
  • Added avatars to “who voted for this story”
  • Added discarded PHP to easily view discarded stories

New Modules:

  • Private messaging
  • Google Adsense Revenue Sharing
  • Embedded video for Google, Youtube, and Xoinks
  • Basic version checking
  • Site statistics
  • Random story
  • Ajax contact form

The new Google Adsense Revenue Sharing module is particularly interesting because it gives people an incentive to submit stories.  I can only imagine what Digg would be like if they implemented something similar. 

Users may add an Adsense ID and Adsense Channel (optional) to their account settings. If they set they’re Adsense ID, from that point forward, every time a story they posted is viewed, there’s a chance their ads are displayed. The optional Adsense Channel allows the user to track how many impressions and clicks their ads are getting through their Adsense account. You set the default revenue share percent for all users while implementing the mod, but after that, you may adjust any user’s revenue sharing percent through the user administration menu.

Check out their new demo site which shows off the new theme along with the new features. The embedded videos right within the post make a huge difference, and really stand out.  Similar to Digg, you can view the top stories from today, yesterday, this week, and this month.  Pligg also goes beyond categorizing posts, and also lets you tag them. Pligg is definitely worth checking out as it appears to be a viable platform that could be used to compete with Digg.

News Source: Digg