Pligg Starts Looking Even More Like Digg V3

All kinds of excitement was stirred up when Digg launched there newest update, v3, less then 2-months ago. It really made a lot of the Digg-clone sites look like old news but now they are turning up the heat again! Pligg is free and will make it easy to make your own Digg-like site…and soon you can make it look just like Digg v3. There are a bunch of screenshots of the upcoming release of Pligg which is scheduled for September 1. Look at the navigation bar on the right-side of the image, it almost looks like it was copied straight from Digg. Of course they won’t be able to match a lot of the great features that Digg already has such as the Digg Stack and Swarm, but who knows what these people will be able to develop over time.