Pluck RSS Reader

Apparently Pluck decided that it wasn’t worth the effort to continue their RSS reader services. They have announced to all of their users that they will discontinue the service starting January 5, 2007:

All versions of Pluck’s RSS readers for Internet Explorer, FireFox and Pluck’s web edition will be discontinued on 1/5/2007. The RSS Readers have served our community of end users well for several years, but with Pluck’s focus in other business areas, the venerable RSS readers are set to be retired from our product line.

They have removed all signs of the RSS reader from their site and all links redirect back to their homepage. I actually used Pluck for a little while but instead of being a standalone desktop application they offered add-ons for both Firefox and Internet Explorer users. The Firefox add-on was nothing near as powerful as the one available for Internet Explorer, and if the two were the same then I’m sure it would have been amazingly popular for Firefox. The problem is that most people who use Internet Explorer as their primary browser probably aren’t aware of RSS feeds, so their main focus should have been with Firefox.

I’m sure that it also doesn’t help with all of the great web-based feed readers entering the market. The best online feed reader right now, in my opinion, is the new Google Reader and once Google integrates it into GMail (without needing Greasemonkey) will be the day that it becomes very very popular.

News Source: Bitemarks