Free Pocket Informant Those of you who didn’t scoop up the free deal for Pocket Informant last time, you have yet another chance to redeem yourself. All you’ve got to do is head over to this site, add Pocket Informant 2007 to the cart, and during checkout enter in the PIFREE coupon code. Remember, this software is for Pocket PC users only.

It’s pretty apparent what WebIS, the creator of Pocket Informant, is trying to do here. One year and four months have elapsed since the first release of Pocket Informant 2007. I would say that nearly back-to-back giveaways of Pocket Informant 2007 indicates that they are preparing to release a major new version. They are hoping that the people who get the software for free will end up becoming paid customers when the new version is released. And judging by the approximate 4 month release schedule they should be sending the next milestone through the pipes in about a month or two.

But hey, if running the latest and greatest software isn’t a concern then this is a heck of a deal. Even if you do plan on getting the new version you should still pickup a copy of this. They typically let users of older versions upgrade for a mere $15, which is well below the regular cost of the app.

When my Pocket PC was still alive and kicking I swore by this software. It was by far the best calendar management software available at the time, and looking at the compatibility list you’ll see that it runs on dozens of different devices.

The deal lasts for two days, today (January 4th) and tomorrow (January 5th). So you don’t have to jump on it this very second.

Get Pocket Informant 2007 for Free [via jkOnTheRun]