Remote Controls Time to count up all of your remotes! Today we’re asking how many remote controls you have in one single room. For example, in our living room we have five remotes sitting on the table. It would make more sense to use one universal remote, wouldn’t it? Yet I haven’t come across one that I like enough to use. I’m sure you have your own reasons for not using a universal remote whether it’s the hassle of programming it to work just right for all of your gadgets, or if it’s like my excuse, that you haven’t found one that you like.

Before you count them up and vote, let’s re-cap our last poll where we asked which messenger service(s) that you use to talk with friends and family:

  1. Skype: 26% of the votes
  2. Windows Live Messenger: 22% of the votes
  3. AOL Instant Messenger: 14% of the votes
  4. Yahoo! Messenger: 14% of the votes
  5. Google Talk/Jabber: 14% of the votes
  6. ICQ: 11% of the votes

Skype definitely came out on top followed by Windows Live Messenger.

New Poll

It’s time for the new poll, so go count up those remotes.  I’m interested to see just how many remotes you have in a single room, and why it is that you don’t use a universal remote to help reduce the number if you’ve got a mound of them sitting on a table like I do. Vote in the sidebar, or if you have Flash enabled, go ahead and vote below: