We’re about mid-way through the week, and so far our poll has produced some interesting results.  We asked, “what do you use for voice communication?” This question came after an article published by the Associated Press talked about the recent trend of moving away from landline phones and using cell phones instead.

I was expecting that our poll would reflect this trend, and sure enough it had. Combining the totals between cell phone only (26%) and VoiP and cell phone (24%), we have a total of 50% of the polled readers who don’t use a landline, and rely on their cell phone (or combined with VoIP) for voice communication. Right behind however, is the combination of a landline and cell phone with 44% of the votes.

With time, I imagine the number of people who use a landline will continue to decrease, and the number using cell phones, or a combination of cell phones with VoiP will continue to increase. Perhaps even more so if an Outbound calling feature in Google Talk is coming.

Would you use a VoiP feature in Google Talk?

GoogletalkphoneYou may have heard about this late last week, but I thought it fit in well here.  A screenshot from an Adobe Breeze presentation yielded an interesting Google Talk screenshot which includes a few links we haven’t previously seen. They say “show dial-pad,” “call details” and “close.”

This screenshot gives us indication that Google has plans of incorporating a calling feature where users would be able to dial-out and place free calls (they may include ads?). The screenshot came from an official Google presentation which would make me think that it’s being tested internally, as Garett Rogers points out over at ZDNet.

So, if you haven’t voted in our poll, take the time to do it now in the left side-bar. If Google implemented this VoIP feature in Google Talk, would you use it? To what extent would this impact Skype?