It’s time to wrap up our last poll which received nearly 800 votes. It turns out that 48% of you like to use a mouse pad, 42% don’t use one, and 10% sometimes use one. I haven’t used a mouse pad in a long time, and I thought that they were starting to be phased out. It used to be that every time you purchased a new computer it would come with a mouse pad, but I haven’t seen that for awhile. At any rate it looks like most of you still find comfort (literally or figuratively) in using a mouse pad.

In our new poll we’re hoping to find out what you use to backup your most important files. Personally I have another computer setup to backup important files from a few other computers, and it pretty much acts as a server in many respects. But we’re wondering where you store your most precious files. The new poll is located on the right-side of the site, or you can vote right here if Flash is enabled: