There are big changes over at PollDaddy with the launch of version 2 of the popular poll service that works with WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, and more. The biggest changes are the addition of surveys, and the option for two different pro accounts. Pro accounts are offered at $20 per month and $99 per month, and we’ll explain the benefits of those accounts in just a minute. They’ve also added reporting tools which can provide users will a lot of helpful information about where their poll/survey takers are coming from. The overall appearance of the site has changed too, and it looks great.

First things first, they still offer the free account which we use. It’s worked well for our needs, and includes the option create unlimited polls with a link to Poll Daddy on each, and the new option to create surveys.  If you decide to create a survey, you’ll be limited to 10 responses per month and 10 questions per survey. Other than the limitations with the survey, the free service will work for most people.

If by chance the free account won’t work for you because you need to create larger surveys, you’ll want to look into a Pro option.  For $20 per month, the link back to PollDaddy is removed from your polls and surveys and you have access to vote analysis.  If you decide to create a survey, you’ll be allowed up to 1,000 responses per month and unlimited questions. With the $99 per month plan, you get the link removed and vote analysis, but you’re allowed 10,000 survey responses per month and support if needed via phone.

polldaddy survey

Anybody who loves statistics and likes to know where people are coming from will love the new reporting tools. Think of it as a “Google Analytics” for PollDaddy.  The online reporting is in real time, and they display the information in all kinds of cool charts and graphs. As Webware points out, this can be helpful for detecting any fraudulent votes by IP address and cookie manipulation. If you were using a poll for something where the results need to be accurate, this would be great.

Nice work PollDaddy, the services you offer are clean and easy to use, and the addition of surveys and pro accounts has just taken you to a whole new level and a new way to monetize the site.

Note: If you are currently have a Poll posted from PollDaddy, there area few bugs that may cause your poll to stop working like ours did. PollDaddy has acknowledged the problem as says they’re working on fixing it, but in the mean time, try editing the poll and saving it again. We did this, and it worked.