Flickr Cameras

Months ago I found a list of the top ten cameras that are used on Flickr but it looks like the stats have changed a little bit. This time the charts are coming directly from Flickr with the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT at the top of the list by a mile. What is even more interesting is that they also break-down the stats to show the most popular of point & shoot cameras and cameraphones.

The most used point & shoot camera on Flickr is the Canon PowerShot SD400 which is a 5MP camera. It is quickly losing some ground but its successor, the PowerShot SD450, is coming up right behind it and looks like it will be replacing it as the most popular camera. At any rate, Canon has earned the top-5 spots on the list of point & shoot cameras.

The cameraphones, however, are a slightly different story and aren’t necessarily accurate. The page that lists the popular cameraphones says that they are often unable to identify which camera snapped a photo that was taken by a phone. For that reason some of the results may not be as accurate but the sleek Sony Ericsson K750i takes first place. From the looks of it Sony won’t be in first much longer because two models in the Nokia N series have almost surpassed it.

I love seeing stats like these because they help you see what photo enthusiasts are actually buying and using for their own cameras (and phones for that matter). That way when you go out to get your next camera, especially with the holiday season around the corner, you’ll have a good idea as to what camera is the most popular…instead of relying on the sales person to tell you that the most expensive one is the best.