USB KnifeIf you’re anything like me your Flash drive is almost like carrying a pocket knife. Mine contains a whole arsenal of applications and tools that are always ready to assist me. I’ve always got it with me wherever I go, and it definitely comes in handy when I’m repairing someone’s computer.

So what kind of apps do I normally carry? Here are the ones you’ll never find me without:

  • PStart – This is a must as I’ve previously stated. It serves as a central way to manage all of the applications on your drive.
  • Filezilla – Easily connect to my home FTP no matter where I’m at.
  • Firefox – There’s nothing worse than trying to fix someone’s computer with a browser that looks like this, so I always carry my own which lets me get things done without the clutter.
  • Startup List – Gives me a quick list of everything running on a computer, which can be essential when working on a computer other than your own. You’ll be surprised at how much "behind the scenes" software people have running. It also shows things like which Internet Explorer toolbars are installed, but the downside is that you can’t delete anything from this program.
  • Foxit PDF Reader – Lighter, faster, and better than Adobe Acrobat Reader. You’ve gotta have this, because you won’t want to use Acrobat when you come across a computer without Foxit installed.
  • Trillian – Let’s me chat with friends even when I’m away from my computer, although lately I’ve been using Meebo for this.

For the most part that is everything I carry on my USB drive. So let us know what apps you carry around, and if you are looking for more great portable programs checkout The Free Geek,, and Portable freeware Collection.